A sparrow awakes

Upon yonder branch her home

She discover her new day.


Bonsai travels give new enlightenment to our art and friendships we make along the way.  This lifestyle is truly special and never taken for anything but fun and knowledge.  We never stop sharing so we never stop learning.  This is the current way of bonsai.  

As we get older, our trees do too!  A special relationship of communication of people and plants.  Are you curious of what your bonsai think of you?  I ask that question alone and see both history and future in their answers.

Continual growth with our trees is special.  We should never stop learning from them.  Some great events happen only once in a lifetime.  I have been blessed with two!  The marriage of one special woman, Libby, in December and my heart is open wide with what’s to come.

This, our 46th year, promises to have great talent from different parts of the world.  We open our doors to you for educational, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of bonsai.  The guest artists bring their own special insight.  Come join us in this journey.

—Jim Doyle & Nell Doyle Leaman

Also Available:

Young Persons Workshop  (Ages 9-16)

It’s a joy to share with the young, an opportunity to learn a culture, history, horticulture, art, cuisine, and science all in one course!  A discussion & demo followed by the fun part: hands-on creation of a bonsai to take home and care for.

** Although not currently scheduled, we are willing to facilitate this class if you are able to gather 5-10 students. We will then schedule a class at your convenience. **

Fee: $45  //  Sorry No Observers